Molasses Crumb Cakelets

This is my second blog post from The Baking Bible. This one was much easier, and yummy to boot! The cakelets remind me of hermits, though the absence of raisins or nuts ranks them higher on the child friendliness scale. In any case, my older daughter and husband both liked them. The younger one is at camp, so she was unable to give her opinion. I considered sending her some, since the Baking Bible says they’ll keep for a week at room temperature, but I already sent her a boxful of treats so I think we’ll keep these for ourselves.

molasses crumb cakelets collage

I filled my mini muffin pan and baked it, then took the leftover batter and made cupcakes which I frosted with the leftover white chocolate frosting from last week’s cheesecake. An excellent idea if I do say so myself.


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