Red White and Blue

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Way back in November, I signed up to bake recipes from Rose Levy Beranbaum’s latest book, The Baking Bible. I love RLB’s fanatical art-through-science approach to baking, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to lend structure to my experiments in the kitchen. Alas, there were too many cooks in the digital kitchen and I went on a wait list.

This past Thursday I got an email from Marie, who manages the list, telling me that a spot had opened up. 😉 So without further ado, here is my first contribution, Fourth of July Cheesecake.

My cake is less red than the picture in the cookbook, I suspect because I used the unbleached flour in my pantry rather than buying bleached flour, which was specified in the book. Also, I had only an 8 inch springform pan, so the cheesecake layer is higher than it should be. I considered slicing it horizontally so the proportions would be better, but decided the risk of creating an uneven surface was too high.

There were no white chocolate chips containing actual cocoa butter at my local grocery store, to my dismay, so I bought a brand name bag of chips but also bars of white chocolate so I could compare the two and make an informed decision about what to include in my white chocolate frosting. There was no comparison. The chips were like smooth, sweet chalk compared to the bars. Guess I’ll have to unload the chips on some hungry teens sometime.


6 thoughts on “Red White and Blue

  1. Welcome! Your 4th of July cheesecake turned out quite nicely. You are so right; white chocolate is not created equal and it really makes a difference. Looking forward to baking with you in this eclectic fun group.


  2. Hi Rachel–your cheesecake looks GREAT!! So glad you are baking along with us! I have missed a couple of weeks because of computer problems, but I love the Alpha Bakers and have had such a great time. I think you will too! Anyway, you did a great job! If you have a few minutes, stop over at my site and see mine!! Best wishes and happy baking! –Michele

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  3. welcome to the group, your first project came really nice and inviting. regard the white chocolate the brand i always use and gave me great result is the Black & Green white chocolate with %32 it have little vanilla seeds in it make it more tasty and beautiful result.


  4. Hello and welcome to the Alpha Bakers. I like your enthusiasm to get organised and bake a time consuming cake with very little notice. And it looks great. This was a really delicious cake.


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